Biodiversity of the underwater world

The Aquariums in the room of biodiversity are comparable with „open windows“, and allow an insight into the underwater world. Discover the fascinating biodiversity and the development of life inside the tanks. During your visit you will see animal species from the North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, warm waters, streams, rivers and lakes from temperate or tropical climate zones.

Temperate Seawaters


Let’s have a look at the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea! Discover extraordinary animal species. Some disguise themselves with help of their pigmentation into the ground of the sea, others have the ability to change their gender. It is surprising how unknown some animals are to us, despite their geographical proximity.

Warm Seawaters


Set sail to tropical and clear blue waters! Numerous coral reef habitants are waiting for you in order to show their spectacular forms and colours. Travel across the equator within a blink of an eye. You’ll be amazed by the most colourful and diverse part of the Aquarium.

Temperate Fresh waters

Silure glane

Meet regional fish species of lakes and streams! About 40 fish species are home to these waters, some exposed in different fish tanks are certainly unknown to you. Learn more about them in order to be able to recognize them.

Warm Fresh waters


Meet extraordinary fish species which originate from African, Asian, and South American lakes and watercourses. You might know some of them as they are often sold in Aquatic shops.

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