Sharks and Coral reefs

The world of Tropics par excellence ! Take a look at the blacktip reef sharks tank, which has been especially fabricated a few years ago. A didactive area, interactive information boards and models dedicating to living and dried corals, as well as the newest fish tank, namely a tropical lagoon make this room complete.


Requins à pointes noires

Fascinating inhabitants of the Tropics. This tank contains 66.000 Liter of sea water and is populated by tropical fishes, soft-corals and blacktip reef sharks. Blacktip reef sharks are originally from the Indo-Pacific region and populate rocky coasts and coral reefs. However, they can be spottet in the occidental part of the Mediterranean region, due to the construction of the Suez Canal.

Tropical Corals

Coraux sous les Tropiques

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia. A well-known term, which inspires your dreams, even if the essential subject – the corals – are not, or hardly known to the public. We invite you to a wonderful journey in order to discover the precious coral collections, which are originally from the scientific Belgian expedition to the Great Barrier Reef in 1967. A perfect opportunity to observe the beauty of the conserved specimens. Visit the interactive area to learn more about complex organism and its properties, their way of life, the construction of coral reefs and their threats to life.

Living corals

Requins à pointes noires

Set sail to the Tropics and its magical coral reefs! Discover the incredible diversity of forms and colours in their respective fish tank. The small reconstructed coral reef in the Aquarium, develops constantly. Therefore you will be able to see its progress again and again.

The tropical lagoon

Coraux sous les Tropiques

Want to go on a trip to the Tropics? Relax and observe our lagoon. It is 13m2 large and filled with fine sand and 8M3 of warm water. You will be impressed by the magnificient colours of the fishes swimming across it.

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