1817. Creation of the University of Liège by William I of Orange-Nassau. He enforces the constitution of animal collections and undertakes the creation of a «Cabinet of Zoology and comparative animal anatomy». He contributes to the extension of the growing collection by personally donating about 2000 mussels of molluscs.

1835. Jean-Théodore Lacordaire (1801-1871), professor of Zoology, president of the University and famous entomologist enlarges the collections with bird specimens, mammals and fish species.

Evolution and Conservation

1888. Creation of the zoological institute by the savant Édouard Van Beneden (1846-1910). He puts in place the zoological collection, maintains, expands and studies it. He develops the scientific research of marine biology, oceanography and ichthyology.

1914 and 1940. His successor, Désiré Damas (1877-1959), preserves and conserves the zoological collections during the dark hours of both wars. He was professor in Bergen (Norway), Director of The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries and considered as the first oceanographer of the country.

The Foundation

1947. Marcel Dubuisson (1903-1974), professor of Zoology and director of the University, renovates the zoological institution completely. He reorganises the zoological collections into a vast museum of 1000 m2, boosts the research of marine biology, establishes laboratories and creates the Aquarium in order to maintain aquatic animals alive, which play an important role in researches.
1962. The Aquarium and the Museum open their doors to the public the 12th of November : « (…) The Aquarium and the Museum open their doors to the public the 12th of November. «The Museum and the Aquarium will be of great help in education and in researches. However, I’m convinced that they need to be accessible to the public and especially to school children (…) » (M. Dubuisson).

50 years and more!

The university Aquarium-Museum of Liège has become pole of excellence of animal biodiversity, and is a must-see in the cultural tourism of Liège. It has been labelled «Museological Institution of Category A» by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and has been accredited «Tourist Attraction 4 suns» by the Public Service of Wallonia.

A team of about twenty persons, offers numerous services to all publics, develops and improves constantly current temporary and permanent exhibitions and welcomes on average, 95.000 visitors a year.

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