The Aquarium-Museum is a pole of excellence of animal biodiversity in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the only institution of scientific culture dedicated to marine life as well as to the patrimony of natural sciences. It depends on the University of Liège and completes missions as for example museological management, services to the public, support in education, expertises, and diffuses cultural sciences and knowledge…



Our main mission is to conserve, to manage, to study and to showcase patrimonial and scientific collections. Living specimens need permanent supervision and the management of populations. The 20.000 mounted specimens undergo an inventory, classification and numbering. The Aquarium as well as the Museum represent an ideal support for numerous researchers from Belgium and abroad.



The Aquarium-Museum is a didactic tool and allows to study and to observe natural sciences within the studies of pre-school, primary school, secondary school, university and special school. Hundreds of teachers, professors and educators have trust in us, in order to enrich their teaching classes with the help of our guided tours, activities and workshops. 30 % of our visitors are school groups. Numerous students of the University frequent the institution during their studies of science, medicine, veterinary medicine, and oceanology.



We provide numerous services to our public as for example, dissemination of knowledge, promotion of scientific culture and emphasising our living and mounted collections with the help of permanent and temporary exhibitions. Furthermore, we spread knowledge of the marine world, and the richness of the animal kingdom to our visitors, transfer the results of scientific researches and release them to a large public.

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