By Car and by Bus

Our address

Aquarium-Muséum Universitaire de Liège
Quai Édouard Van Beneden, 22
B-4020 Liège

GPS : 50.63881°N, 5.579115°E

Parking lots for buses

  • There are two parking lots especially for buses on the mounting drive ramp of the «Quai Édouard Van Beneden» in direction of the «Pont Kennedy».
  • There are two parking lots available in the street «Rue Gaston Grégoire» on the street side with odd house numbers.

The car park «Aquarium»

The car park «Aquarium» (Illico-Park) has 70 sheltered parking lots, and is situated in the «Rue Mean» near to the Aquarium-Museum. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Visitors who have bought an entry ticket to the Aquarium-Museums receive on request a ticket valid for 1 hour of FREE parking at the front desk of the Aquarium-Museum.

Public Transportation

By bus

Arrival with the urban bus TEC Number 17 (directly from the central station Guillemins) and bus line number 4; Non urban bus lines number 138 and 140.

By train

Get off the train at the central station Liège-Guillemins.

Access for disabled persons



Next to the main entrance on the right side of the parking lot for disabled persons, there is a side door. This allows a barrier-free access to our institution. We have a vast elevator which allows you to reach the Aquarium in the basement floor and the Museum in the second floor.


You are not accompanied:

A parking lot is exclusively destined for disabled persons. It is situated next to the side entrance. Ring the bell. A staff member will open the door and conduct you to the elevator.

You are accompanied:

The accompanying person goes through the main entrance to the front desk. Upon your request, a staff member will open the door of the side entrance and conduct you to the elevator.

Guide dogs and / or service dogs welcome!

Chiens d'assistance

Pets, whatever their size, are not admitted inside the Aquarium-Museum, with exception of guide dogs and / or service dogs.


Service dogs : a service dog is a trained dog who accompanies persons with disabilities in their daily routine or is in training in an environment visited by families supervised by a trainer or an association.

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