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New visitor offer from the 4th of April!

One access, two museums, many areas to visit

From the 4th of April 2022, the Aquarium-Museum, together with the “Maison de la Science” (House of Science) and the network “Embarcadère du Savoir”, will be offering a new combined visitor offer.

A single ticket gives access to:
– Aquarium;
– «TréZOOr» room;
– Créatures EXTRAordinaires” (Extraordinary Creatures) exhibition (NEW) Info here ;
– Maison de la Science (House of Science);
– Planetarium (NEW) Info here;
– Galleries of Botany and Evolution (NEW) Info here.

  • The Aquarium: an invitation to discover aquatic fauna
    The aquariums in the “Biodiversity” and “Sharks and Coral Reefs” section are true windows to the aquatic world. Throughout the visit, the visitor encounters species from waters all over the world! To learn more about the different animals presented in the aquariums, an online information resource has been set up. Free and educational, Fishipedia accompanies you throughout the visit. An exotic touch in the area “Amazon, from the forest to the river”: ant colony, praying mantis, frogs, including the yellow-banded poison dart frog are presented to you in a “cozy” area which has been specially designed to reflect the dense primary forest of the Amazon.
  • NEW: “Créatures EXTRAordinaires” (Extraordinary Creatures) – From myth to reality, from reality to myth
    Mythological and legendary animals derive their original characteristics and superpowers from nature. This exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to create their own EXTRAORDINARY creature. This is an opportunity to learn incredible anecdotes and facts about the animals that underlie myths, legends, fairy tales and folklore from around the world.
    Not accessible on the 1st Sunday of each month.
  • Treasures in a museum?
    The “TréZOOr” room contains remarkable cultural objects, witnesses of great scientific, historical or artistic value, illustrating the history of natural sciences, such as the fabulous Blaschka – filigree animal models made out of glass – or now extinct species such as the migratory pigeon and the Tasmanian wolf…
  • Maison de la Science: spreading science!
    Visitors set out to discover the science hidden in their everyday lives! They can carry out experiments himself, look at the collections of scientific apparatus, produce rain in the augmented reality sandbox or make the sun shine… During the visit, a scientific animator takes them on a journey of fascinating science and allows them to make surprisingly playful and didactic discoveries!
  • NEW: the “Planetarium”, gateway to the vastness of the universe
    Discover our new attraction in the Institute of Zoology: a geodesic dome with a diameter of 6 m! Our planetarium is state of the art and allows you to have an adventure in the infinity of the cosmos. Dive into our virtual celestial vault and explore the universe without leaving your seat, using fulldome 4K digital resolution. From the cycle of the seasons to the constellations, via space exploration, animations and videos – discover our solar system in a spectacular way.
    This activity is available only on Wednesdays (at 3pm), on weekend & holidays (at 10:30am and at 11:30am) and during school vacations (on the days of the week – at 10:45am & 12:15am & 2pm & 4pm). Not accessible on the 1st Sunday of each month.
  • NEW: the Botany and Evolution Galleries
    The Gallery of Botany covers various topics: the history of botany, the functionality of plants, the herbarium, the relationship between humans and plants, etc. In the Evolution gallery, the visitor discovers the major stages of evolution (emergence of the first cells, disappearance of the dinosaurs, etc.).
    Not accessible on the 1st Sunday of each month.

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